CAD-100 MP3 Triggerable Audio Player

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NEW for 2018!!

CAD-200, Rev. A; Firmware Rev. A


Cowlacious Audio Device, Model 100

We are very excited about our new line of audio boards! We have been working hard to produce an item that would work well for our customers and ourselves of course! Were haunters, so we build devices that we will enjoy using on our props! This one is great for when you just want to play a quick scream or other short sound. It doesn't have all the capabilities of the CAD-200, but enough to create a scare as it has 32Mbit(4mB) SPI flash memory built in. So, no need to buy a micro SD (uSD) card for a simple scream! Load or update your MP3 sound files via the mini USB port by connecting to your computer to drag and drop files. It appears as a flash drive to your computer system.

This new audio board allows triggered or continuous playback of MP3 audio files.

It can be triggered by a switch (not included), motion sensor (not included) , or any DC voltage from 3.3V up to 24V.

When triggered it can play back a single track or the next track. 

In continuous mode it can play the same track over and over or loop through all the tracks.

It has a built in 3 Watt mono amplifier that can connect directly to a speaker and a stereo line-out jack for sending the sound to an external amplifier or amplified speakers (the type you connect to your computer).

In addition, we have included a DPDT relay (two electronic switches that can turn one thing off while it turns another one on) on the board so you can switch other things on or off when your triggered sound plays!


Brief Technical Specifications

  • Power Requirements:  9-12VDC
  • MP3
    • Sampling rates: 8KHz-44.1KHz, bit rate 8-224Kbps, and 16bit MP3 audio files
  • USB 2.0
  • Built in 3W mono amplifier that can directly drive a speaker.
  • PCB is designed to fit a Hammond 1591XXASFLBK case.


Please download the manual for full specification.