Cave Eyes Deluxe

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Our Cave Eyes products has gone through some major changes to make it even better than before!

  • Up to 48 sets of eyes (96 LED's). Sets can be added in groups of four. New CAT5 connectors make it very easy to add or remove eye sets.
  • The new device can be turned on and off with trigger switches. Now you can up a scene where the eyes don't come on until you want them to and then the shut off when the tour group leaves the scene, making it ready for the next group. You can even connect our motion sensors to the board!
  • Selectable programs - regular blink, slow wake-up, Fade-in / Fade-out, Test
  • Detachable LED wiring harnesses. Each harness is made up of 4 sets of LED's with 4 feet of wire between the LED's and the circuit. Up to twelve wiring harnesses can be attached to the board.
  • Harness are available with regular red, super bright red, super bright green, or super bright yellow LED's.
  • Custom programs are also available for an additional fee.

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO THREE WEEKS FOR THIS ITEM TO SHIP, though we will ship as soon as possible.

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