Cowlacious Audio Player Board

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Cowlacious Audio Player Board

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The New Cap-275

This device allows you to playback a prerecorded message that is stored on one of the ISD® Chipcorder® 17xxx series chips.

The unit has a 5v voltage regulator on board so it can easily be powered by any supply from 5v to 24vDC. The output jack allows you to easily plug in a set of computer speakers to amplify the sound.

The unit is designed to be triggered by a switch, step switch or other device such as our Programmable Effect Timers. It can also be triggered with voltage level trigger sources such as a 5v, 9v, 12v, 24v or 120v AC or DC. Also, a built on motion sensor connector allows one of our motion sensors to be easily connected to the unit for triggering.


This new unit also has an Aux header for attaching one of our optional Dual Relay boards, which allows you to turn on/off devices (lamps, motors, air valves) whenever the sound plays.


CAP-275 Manual

Cap-275 Specifications •Dimensions: 3.3" (83.8mm)W x 2.55" (64.7mm)L x 0.5" (12.7mm)H •Recommended Power: 9 to 24VDC @ 100mA •Sound Chip: ISD17xxx series chips •Multiple trigger sources: switch, Voltage from 5 to 120V AC or DC, Motion Sensor •Single message, Dual message, or Multiple message modes •Ready for powered speakers