Cowlacious Audio Recorder/Player Board

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Audio Recorder/Player Board

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The New CAR/P325

This device allows you to record/playback a message that is stored on one of the ISD® Chipcorder® 1700 series chips. The 1700 series chips can be obtained in recording lengths of 20 seconds up to 480 seconds, depending on the sample rate you choose.

The unit has a 5v voltage regulator on board so it can easily be powered by any supply from 9v to 24vDC. The output jack allows you to easily plug in a set of computer speakers to amplify the sound, though it now also has a speaker jack that will drive a speaker small speaker directly.

This board can be used used to record and play sounds for your prop or use it as a master recording unit and use our player board (CAP275) to play the sounds in your props. The player boards cost less so you save some money with each prop that you add sound to. We recommend buying the optional ZIF socket accessory if you plan to use it as a master recording unit.

Some great sound clips to use with your CAR/P 325 can be found at the Headstorm's site. Look in the "Sound Effects" section.

Also, check out their great Halloween music CD's. They can add some ambiance to your haunt!


CAR/P 325 Manual

CAR/P-325 Specifications •Size: 2.66"W x 3.43"L x 0.56"H •Higher quality sound! It now samples the sound at up to 12KHz, instead of 8KHz •Four selectable sample rates 12KHz, 8KHz, 6KHz, and 4KHz. One chip can now be set to provide different recording lengths just by choosing a different sample rate •Recording times from 20 seconds up to 480 seconds (depending on ISD chip used) •New ways to operate the unit: •Push button •Three ways to trigger the unit: switch, motion sensor, or voltage level •Micro controller operation using the new easy control interface or the SPI interface for full control •Multiple messages! New Dual Message (DM) mode or Multi-Message (MM) mode. Play one message continuously and different one when the unit is triggered or several messages. Plus direct message access when controlled by the SPI interface •You can now listen to the source while you're recording the sound to the chip, making it easier to start and stop in the right location •Microphone option available •Made for haunters, easily triggered for sound effects for your prop or put it in continuous loop mode •3.5mm line in jack allows you to easily get great quality sound from your computer or CD onto the ISD Chip •3.5mm line out jack makes the unit ready for powered speakers to be plugged in •LED's to indicate power, recording audio, and playing audio •Small size

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