Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver Board

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Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver Board

ALL NEW ST400 Rev1!!

The Scary Terry board has been updated once again!

New Features/Changes:
  • Microphone Input Jack
  • Microphone Volume Control
  • Min and Max settings for the jaw movement
  • Option to purchase the board with a Random Eyes circuit (at an additoinal cost) that has the ability to drive a second servo that can move eyeballs back and forth in a random fashion
    • Random Eyes has a centering adjustment
    • Random Eyes has a left and right throw from center ajustment
    • Random Eyes has a speed adjustment
    • Random Eyes can operate continually or only when the jaw is moving.
          Note:  We don't currently sell a skull that has moving eyes, but we are working on a model that does and some do it yourselfers have asked us to add this feature on our board.
  • High current connection reduced from 8 connections to 3 (We have never heard of anyone using more than 2)
  • Ground (GND) connection added to the high current connection header


Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver Board

This circuit allows you to easily hook up audio to the circuit board to drive a servo for animating the jaw of your prop. Easily create a prop with that highly sought after animatronics effect.

Operates off of a 6 to 12VDC supply.

NOT JUST FOR DRIVING SERVO's ANYMORE!!! We have included a ULN2003 chip that allows you to drive devices such as relays, lamps, solenoids for pneumatics, etc. in sync with the sound you are playing.

The 3.5mm (1/8" stereo) style audio jack allows you to send input sound to the unit. It can driven by just about any CD player, Tape Deck, MP3 player, etc. (audio cables are not included, but are available below in our Accessory section). Use the 3.5mm (1/8" stereo) output jack to connect up your amplifier or amplified speakers.

Switches allow you to choose the Left or Right channel or both for the skull to follow. A passive mixer combines the two channels when you use both, instead of just shorting them together.

Two header pins are provided for easily attaching the LED Audio Eyes that come with the unit. They flash in sync with the sound you are playing. You can set the LED Eyes to stay on all the time or have them flash with the sound!

Easily select which capacitor is used for shaping the circuits response to sound.

Power LED shows you in a glance whether the circuit has power or not.

Board size: 3" x 2.4" and 1/2" high (without connections attached).

Scary Terry's web site:

Some great dialog for your Scary Terry unit can be found at the hedstorm site. There are Old Lady Skeleton clips, Rimshot Skeleton clips, Damien's Old Guy clips, Jack & Dave Clips, and bunch of other great stuff!

Also, check out there Music CD's to add some great ambiance to your haunt. They can be found here.

NEED CUSTOM and/or PROFESSIONAL AUDIO WORK for your Scary Terry Project? Mike Fox does an awesome job! Check out his sound services at: Night Frights

A free audio editor, called Audacity, can be downloaded from

Push Eject of the has created an excellent video of how he uses this circuit and an audio editing program to make the jaw movement on his Bucky more accurate. Click here for the video.

Manual for the ST-400

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  • 5
    Great Boad

    Posted by Blake on 25th Jul 2017

    Still crafting final project, but appears the board works as advertised. Ordering more for future projects.

  • 4
    Great board!

    Posted by Nathan on 25th Aug 2015

    Works great! Slight problem with the documentation that came with it. The pictures in the handout were different than the board, but a little figuring out fixed the issue.