Cave Eyes LED Harness Kit

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CE-Harness Kit
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Cave Eyes LED Harness KIT

These cable harnesses plug into either the Cave Eyes Deluxe or Cave Eyes Classic boards to provide the sets of LED eyes. Choose from several different cable lengths and eye colors! Each cable has four sets of LED eyes attached on one end and it has a CAT5 connector on the other end that plugs into the board. the cable is stripped back from the eyes for approximately one foot allowing the sets of eyes to be separated up to two feet away from each other, but you can always strip them back further (all the way to the CAT5 connector if you want) so that you can spread the set of eyes even further apart. Different cable lengths and eye colors can be mixed or matched with your Cave Eyes board.

KIT Contains:  Cable, LED's, & Heatshrink tubing.

Things you must supply:  Soldering iron, solder, solder skills, and time.