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Computer & Electronic Services has been producing it's Cowlacious Designs line of products for the amusement, display, museum, and haunt industries since 1989. The goal of the Cowlacious Designs product line is to provide unique products for the customer that are of high quality and reasonably priced to enable as large as customer base as possible to enjoy our products.

The first Cowlacious Designs product was a result of the owner's (Carl Cowley) need for a timer for one of his own Halloween projects. A high school electronics teacher at the time, he spent most of his Easter break developing the first Programmable Effect Timer (PET) which has evolved over the years, but has always been a good seller. From there he has continued to develop products that were of interest to him and our growing customer base. The company has grown over the years from being located in a garage, to a basement, to a basement of a commercial building, and finally to a small warehouse that at times has employed up to 9 people.

Carl's students were aware that some of their projects were designed by their teacher. As the class was preparing to do another project one of the students asked if it was a Cowlacious design or from someone else. From that comment came the name for the Cowlacious Designs product line.

Computer & Electronic Services is also involved with circuit design for other companies. We have completed many custom designs for our customers over the years. One of our designs for a transportation company won  a Safety Transportation award in 2010.

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