Talking Wireless-ly!!

Talking Wireless-ly!!

Posted by Carl Cowley on 5th Aug 2017

Talking Wireless-ly!!!

I quite often get asked about using a microphone with our Scary Terry Talking Skull product. The unit has a jack for a wired electret condensor microphone, but quite frankly, the sound using it is not as good as I would like it to be and then there is always that wire!

A while back I found a great wireless microphone to use with the Scary Terry board, it was small and portable, plugged directly into the Scary Terry line-in jack, and worked well, but then I found that Monoprice had discontinued it! Bummer! I did find the same thing branded by MOVO, it is usually around $100.

Well, I recently noticed that Walmart has the exact same unit being sold as a "Special Buy", so I am passing the information on to you, my great customers! If you are looking for a wireless solution for your talking skull setup for around $50. So, check this out and get them while they last: