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Mini Audio Player

Cowlacious Designs

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This mini audio player is designed to provide simple audio playback of an MP3 or WAV file using only a single switch or trigger for activation. It is designed to have two sounds loaded onto its micro-SD card (available with or without the micro-SD card). It will play the first sound when the trigger is open and the second sound when the trigger is closed. So, each time the trigger changes state, open to closed or closed to open, the unit will play the respective sound once and then stop. If you don't want the open or closed sound to make any noise, then just use a audio file without sound for that particular sound file. If you load multiple sets of sounds, then it will go to the next set with every opening and closing of the trigger.

Originally designed for a customer who built it into a guest registry book, but has many more applications, such as opening a door, closet, drawer, and etc. It would play one sound when the book was opened for signing and another sound when it was closed.

Two versions available:  

  1. Plays audio completely through when triggered (can't be interupted).
  2. Plays audio when triggered, but will interupt and play the other track when un-triggered.


  • It is capable of driving a small speaker directly from a set of output pins
  • Has line out jack for driving external amplifier or amplfied computer speakers
  • Trigger connection
  • Operates off of 9VDC power supply (not included) or  5V supply (not included) or 4AA battery pack (not included)
  • Can hold hundreds of audio track sets, depending on the size of the audio tracks and the size of the micro-SD card.
  • Small size, approx. 1" D x 1 3/8" W x 3/4" T